Here’s 10 ways to be kind and make our world a better place.

Kindness is to Peace like a crown unto a king.
1. Smile. Smiles are a fantastic way to be kind because a smile usually brings a smile.
2. Lending a helping hand is an easy way to be kind because at times we can all use a helping hand.
3. Give a gift of chocolate or a book, maybe some flowers or a handkerchief to someone serving in community.
4. Donate and being generous to a favourite charity or organisation and spread your love further.
5. Clean up someone else’s mess. Pick up some litter in the street, on the beach or in the park.
6. A listening ear that hears will show empathy and also offer compassion.
7. Hugs are a wonderful way to help others feel good about themselves.
8. Surprises are always fun and bring excitement to our world.
9. Inspire someone with a gentle word of encouragement.
10. Share a story over a free coffee or a meal.