Tackling The Issue of Violence

Wear the hurt or become the harm? Love your enemy or prepare for war? Whose truth do we honestly subscribe to when our only solution to maintain the Peace becomes the use of violence?

Where does our world truly stand? In the shoes of the gospel of Peace or in the boots of hegemonic powers that be? With the pharisaic moral supremacist’s view of ordering order favouring the fear of punishment or with heaven’s concept of Love and Grace?

According to the Global Peace Index the world spent $20 trillion AUD on its military, judiciary and law enforcement to maintain Peace last year. $1.7 trillion on weapons alone. Possibly spending that amount of tax raised would be better spent on initiatives of compassion and friendship more so and rather than enforcing law by means of intimidation, fear and violence.

Governments such as the current Christian led Australian Governments might like to consider their own behaviour and monitor their own methods of operations, to discover the solution to the global problem of abuse and violence against Women, even bullying, or even violence in general, for what monkey sees then monkey will do.

Where do you stand? With the spiritual but not religious or Vegetius? The Humanist or Vegetius? Nelson Mandela or Vegetius? Martin Luther King Jnr or Vegetius? Mother Theresa or Vegetius? Gandhi or Vegetius? Buddha or Vegetius?Mohammed or Vegetius? Jesus or Vegetius? Love your enemy or prepare for war? Kindness does no harm. Treat all People equal to yourself and even better when you can.