My God didn’t burnt down 500 homes to teach Australia a lesson.

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My God didn’t burnt down 500 homes to teach Australia a lesson. Here’s why:

Mentoring replaces punishment and kindness does no harm. My God is a good God, all forgiving, full of grace and truth. There’s no each way bet when it comes grace. Either grace is freely gifted or it’s not.

Pharisaic (finger pointing) Christians, just like everyone else, can’t keep their slice of cake as well as eat that same slice of cake at the same time. Can anyone add a cost to something and for that something to still remain free or at no cost?

Nobody, not even the Christian can add a cost to God’s grace and still have the grace of God remain a free gift freely given from God, for if grace were to be earned than how could it be a gift? Grace would no longer be a gift but rather a paid wage. And If grace could be earned than what would be the point of Easter? Or what would become of Christmas if there were to be no Christ?

Jesus didn’t just wipe the slate clean. Jesus took the slate away and replaced it with the good news of Divine coaching. Having our naughtiness completely exonerated is not a green light for more naughtiness, but rather, a good reason to appreciate the extra opportunity to do things in a better way than we have ever done before. Exercising such grace saves us from “the fire”.

Peace is inevitable. God’s love qualifies every human heart worthy of inclusion. When every Christian on the planet identifies with heaven’s Kingdom of Peace, then finally our entire existence will become a more peaceable world for all. Indeed Peace on Earth will shift from impossible to possible and our reality to friendly, gracious and kind.

God loves us all without exception.