A big big welcome to you. G’day. Thanks for visiting. Please feel free, have a look & click around, maybe even pause for a moment and ponder for a while, possibly as something begins to resonate with you, maybe you too might begin to see that we are all already Citizens of Peace.

This website is dedicated to sharing the good news of Peace, of the equal opportunity world for all it offers to all, of learning war no more and replacing the harm of punishment with the joy of example and inspirational coaching.


The Gospel of Peace is the good news that all is forgiven, past present and future, so all can forgive, and therefore all have access to Peace. The Gospel of Peace is the welcome good news of a better hope for all Humanity, the good news that Peace is Heaven’s Name Meaning Will and Glory, where all are invited to come, welcome to enter in, and to rest our weary souls from the wilds of the wilderness, not when we are dead, but now while we live.

The Gospel of Peace is the story of welcome, of Peace and Goodwill to all, of reconciliation and grace, where our mentoring replaces our punishment and so we bring joy rather than suffering into our own world, and our acts of kindness and goodwill helps to teach us all, war no more. So the good news is that all Humanity can live together as one in Peace and lovingly bring the joy of heaven to earth collectively united in the Holy Spirit of God.