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The more I study scripture then the more I see a need for a renewing, a reformation, a revival, enlightenment, revelation, call it what you will, I see a need for a return to the sharing of the good news of Jesus’ Kingdom of Peace, of His Kingdom come and of His will being done, to combat the fighting, the suicide, the inequality and pollution of our planet. I remain convinced Humanity is still hanging out in the wrong tree, just as my scripture suggestions in the very first book, in a book that some say is a manufacturer’s manual and if we can’t get past the first couple of chapters then how might we ever get to the last? The punitive side of the right / wrong system is not working for the world, and certainly it is brutally clear that it is not working for me either.

I believe in a better one, and so is it any wonder that I would want the same for others, even if, for no other reason than for my own personal protection, security and self-preservation. Stopping slavery and ending the death penalty all started somewhere and I believe the same for stopping the bully, for Peace, for mentoring rather than harmful punishment, and for overcoming violent behaviours within our communities, but not while violence continues to breed more violence and the violent continue to interpret respect in terms of cruelty and dominance rather than equality.

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