Celebrate with Kindness. World Peace Day September 21.

A simple and random Act of Kindness can have a ripple effect and cause a tsunami of Love to bring more Peace into our World. Did you know that self-righteousness is the root cause of all violence that is in our world today? We humans have to be right before we will fight and so a simple act of kindness that we can all bring into our world to make our entire world a better place for us all to be living in is to be willing to alter and shift from the traditional equation of consideration, which is to say, to move away from only considering right from wrong so as to be also including considering better as well.
Considering better is a way we can purposefully avoid thinking we are right and that our own way of right is the only right way for all of us. Thus be avoiding any self-righteous attitudes entirely. In better is where we open the door to new opportunity and the possibility of a better world for us all, peaceable and kind, rather than brutish, harsh, and hardhearted, coached and guided more so than victimized and punished. Peace is more than compliance. Education is better than indoctrination. Relationship greater than regulation. Understanding better than force. To celebrate World Peace Day on Sept 21 please will you extend a simple and random Act of Kindness to a fellow Human Being and encourage your friends & family to do the same to help make WPD a celebration of humility, kindness, appreciation and generosity toward an equal opportunity world for us all.