A Kinder Better Kindness

Go troppo in a simple act of thoughtful kindness for a longer lasting ever-loving-grace and kindness that we can all bring into our world to make our entire world a better place for us all to be living. Go troppo in becoming more aware and willing to alter and shift from the traditional equation of consideration, which is to say, thinking the way of war, division, judgement domination and control, and so move more our thinking further away from only considering right from wrong, so far enough as to be also including the seeking and considering of something better, newer or updating as well. Therefore, asking what’s better instead? And so be developing a better kind of kindness, a newer better more complete and whole concept of caring and moving toward and closer to the more harmonious and collaborative way of Peace, Together. All things become new again with a little consideration toward better for all. Kindness is to Peace like money is to a purse.
Go troppo for Peace.